Jun 112012


Just for the record – literally – EOS did bundles again today. Surprise! Luckily, I was on my way out when they were posted, so didn’t torture myself … much. After all, I still haven’t finished pre-processing the last collection, which arrived in March.

For the uninitiated: EmmaOneSock is an online designer fabric store run by the seemingly indefatigable Linda Podietz. While many of her items are beyond my price range, I enjoy window-shopping online, and frequently buy roll ends or other discounted small cuts of fabric from her.

Every once in a while, she cleans out her studio and prepares several bundles: a fascinating array of designer fabric remnants, grouped by color families. The pieces vary in size, and I haven’t measured them, but think in terms of 1/4- to 3/4- yard cuts. Suggested uses include bags, doll clothes, color-blocked garments, and trim.

Bundles appear every once in a while on the roll ends page and tend to sell out in the blink of an eye. The price is based on the weight, with recent rates around $5.50 per pound. So a given bundle might contain 15 or 20 pieces, and will likely fall into the $18 to $40 range. If you’re interested in this and other frequent updates from her site, EOS does have a Twitter feed… and often uses it, though not religiously: this is the most dynamic online fabric store I have ever seen, so they are sometimes just too busy!

Of course, the bundled fabrics, while packaged just as thoughtfully as the rest of her orders, are unmarked. So be prepared to figure out the content and care instructions for yourself. It’s really more fun than a box of chocolates, though. Mmmm….. chocolates and designer fabric. Separately, of course.&#x2701

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